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Dog Shackled To Tree For Several Years Finally Freed, Comes Inside For The Very First Time


When Jamie Spencer walked by a dilapidated property some years ago, she came across a dog name Cane, living in a makeshift dog house. Cane was chained and so when she approached him, she could immedietely see just how dire his situation was. Spencer did some investigating and returned one day to find Cane’s owner, an elderly woman, who told her that Cane couldn’t come in the house because it was “just not allowed.”

Spencer, an avid animal lover, was absolutely devastatingly heartbroken by what she heard and would begin a journey of several years in caring for Cane. She brought him food and water, and on the especially difficult days, comforted him through the bad weather, the cold, rain sleet hail, and punishingly hot summers.


Then one day, things took a sad turn for Cane, his owner passed away, and soon after, the home was sold. The new owners didn’t want Cane on the property any longer, and reached out to Spencer to “do something with him,” before they did.

An urgent Spencer scrambled and got to work as soon as she could. She contacted Kari Newton, who works for the rescue organization Animal Adoption League, and told her of Canes terrible plight. Newton used her contacts to rally the animal rescue troops to descend on Cane to free him from his chains, get him to a vet, and provide a foster home for him.


None of this, as you could imagine would be easy because Cane had some serious medical issues from living outside for so long. His previous owner had neglected to take care of any of his medical issues, but for everyone involved in his rescue it was worth it because Cane was a good dog as Newton says,

“Cane has never lived a normal pet life. The most heartbreaking issue at hand was that Cane was in a lot of pain and loved humans.”


This past September, all the various pieces fell into place, and Cane, who was tied to a tree with a chain, was finally free from his own personal hell. A gracious foster parent from virginia stepped in and provided her home to Cane.

Cane, who seemed to have not had a bath in years, almost melted with joy when all the years of grime and dirt was washed away.

Newton took to her Facebook account to share the exciting news saying,


“A collaborative effort between two rescues: Dogs Deserve Better and Operation Save a Shelter Dog out of Virginia Beach have come together to rescue Cane and bring him to Virginia for rehabilitation and vetting. We are beyond excited for him. Everyone is working on getting him transported this weekend.”

After a new lease on life, Cane got a new name: Chance. Kristina Cuce, who was involved in Cane’s rescue, said that the new name is fitting of a dog who literally got a second chance at life.


Chance has quite a long road to recovery ahead of him. His skin and coat are a mess for living outside for so long, and he has just recently tested heartworm positive. This in addition to having to learn behavioral cues so that he is good around other animals, especially in a domestic setting.


For Chance, these are challenges that he will undoubtedly get through. One thing suffering produces is endurance, and through such endurance one develops patience. Chance is patient and by all accounts lives in the moment. After all, when you have been tied to a tree for several years, nothing says freedom like a nice cozy warm bed inside.

Wishing you all the best Chance!

To donate to Chance’s medical fund, please visit a special page set up for him.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]



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