Dogs’ Outside Bowl Filled With Antifreeze Poisoned Treats

Dogs’ Outside Bowl Filled With Antifreeze Poisoned Treats

A Latrobe, Pennsylvania woman hopes her dogs survive after someone left treats poisoned with antifreeze in their outdoors bowl in her fenced-in yard on Thursday. According to WtaeNews, the dog owner, who declined to be identified, let her two dogs out into the yard and noticed one of the dogs was eating a green substance from his bowl which she identified as antifreeze.

The chocolate Labrador retriever, Lyra and the shepherd mix named Jingles had their faces in the bowl when she saw dog treats and a sponge, leading her to believe that someone intentionally tried to poison her three-year-old dogs. Both dogs were rushed to the vet where they are being treated; antifreeze poisoning was confirmed. According to the treating veterinarian, Dr. Eunice Lee, the dogs are improving:

“They aren’t sure where (it) came from, but it’s a very, very deadly substance for the dogs. It can be very dangerous. Clinical signs can be from gastrointestinal signs to neurological. They can cause renal failure and death. Looking at their blood work, things are improving. They were very acidic when they came in, so the pH of their blood was very, very low when they came in. It is improving for them. Now the question is if they’re going to have lasting kidney effects from this. That’s something we have not yet determined.”

The Latrobe police are investigating. Anyone with information is asked to call the police department. Read more about antifreeze poisoning in dogs here.

(Photo via screenshot WtaeNews)


[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]