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Emaciated Pup Who Was Skin and Bone, Makes Incredible Transformation


When rescuers first discovered Jude, he was nothing but skin and bones. The dog, who they thought was too far gone to make it alive, was on a diet of rocks, shrubs, and anything he could find to eat. His coat torn to shred by parasites, Jude was just days away from succumbing to his long list of ailments, until rescuers decided that they would do everything they could to save him. Thankfully today, not only did Jude survive, thanks to the efforts of caring individuals, he is thriving.

Jude was brought to the  Bossier City Animal Control, where he received around the clock treatment, which helped him heal is a 19-pound frame. The shelter took to their Facebook page and said,

“This poor guy who we’ve named Jude was left on a chain to starve. When he got close to death they cut him loose so they didn’t have to deal with disposing of the carcass. Despite humans failing him in every way possible, he still wags his tail and gives kisses.”


When Jude was well enough, he was taken to the  Benton Animal Hospital where he continued with his treatment and is getting stronger and stronger every day. As you can see from the image below, he has put on weight, and his mange has almost cleared up completely.


Jude’s story is what happens when we never give up on animals we think are too far gone to rescue. With love care and devotion, even the worst cases of neglect are treatable, if we make every effort to save the lives of the voiceless.


We are wishing Jude all the best in his recovery. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting him, please e-mail the Bossier City Animal Control at roadtorescue@bellsouth.net.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]



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