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Ex-Veteran Goes on Undercover Mission to Save Street Dog Trapped in The Middle East


As you begin to read this story, a secret mission is in development to save a street dog, who was part of a pack roaming the streets near a U.S. military base in the Middle East. The dog, who was the only survivor of her pack after locals had killed off all of her pack mates because they were considered pests, had quite literally days to live.

The soldiers who were on the military base had come to love the pup, and decided to take her in to keep her safe.

The soldiers on the base worked to feed the dog, get her basic medical care, and treat her with the respect that has evaded her all her life. They also decided to settle on a name for her: Ghost.


But the soldiers on the military base knew they couldn’t keep Ghost on the base, because unless she was a trained military dog, she was strictly prohibited from being on the grounds. Additionally, they knew they couldn’t release her back on the streets because they knew she would surely be killed like the rest of her pack.

Robert Misseri, who is the founder of Guardians of Rescue said,

“They can’t move around or go to certain locations. They’re constantly at risk. The only way to do it is to send somebody trustworthy and someone who has the experience. And that’s when we sent our guy in.”

‘That guy,’ you might ask? He is a former Special Operations commando, who volunteers for Guardians of Rescue. The U.S. base he was traveling to, to rescue Ghost is so secretive, that he had to get clearance from the U.S. Embassy before he was allowed to travel.

Ghost will be waiting for him at a secret location, specified by the soldiers as Misseri explains,


“He is always in danger being there. Because if the wrong people found out that he’s an American and he’s bringing a dog back for our U.S. soldiers, that’s a recipe for disaster.”

Once the soldier arrives to the location in the middle east, he will stay one night in a hotel with the pup, and then travel back to the U.S., where as you could guess, both sides of the Atlantic will breath a huge sigh of relief.

Saving Ghost was personal for the soldiers stationed on the military base as Misseri explains,

“This unit could never be the same after having this new companion in their lives if they had to leave him behind. They know what would happen to her.”

Once the soldier and Ghost are back in the U.S., Ghost will be taken to a vet, and will be taken to her new forever home: a Military home. The soldier who went to the most dangerous part of the world, has agreed to adopt Ghost. Bless his heart.

We are wishing Ghost, and her rescuer a safe trip back, and ask that you keep both in your thoughts and in your hearts. If you would like to donate to her rescue operation, please visit a fundraiser page.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]



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