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‘I died today’ Heartbreaking photo viral on Facebook


A heartbreaking photo was posted to Facebook on September 23, and it has proceeded to “go viral” on social media. The image of black trash bags lining a corridor in front of empty kennel runs is accompanied by words which sting with the heartbreak of bitter reality.

The post begins, “I died today. You got tired of me and took me to the shelter. They were overcrowded and I drew an unlucky number. I am in a black plastic bag in a landfill now.” The post, written by Facebook user Michele Boggs, ends, “You didn’t pay attention to me after the first week or so, but I spent all my time waiting for you to love me. I died today. Love, Your Puppy.”

The words between the first and last sentences hit the crux of why many dogs are surrendered…the chewing, the potty accidents and the barking. The “disobedience” from a young dog that did not know better.

Too many people enter into pet ownership with expectations that are far from reality – people who immediately want their cute puppy to be perfectly behaved. The truth of the matter is that puppies will chew and have accidents – if left to their own devices, they will likely bark and get into trouble. Training helps, as does patience – lots and lots of patience.


Is it easy? Not always – but the pay off is huge for those who can get through the difficult times and hold true to the commitment which was made when the puppy was brought into the family.

What can responsible pet owners do to help stop the madness of unnecessary killings? Speak up – let people know that animal control agencies are not shelters. Let them know that pets come with responsibility and if you “give up” you may be sentencing your puppy (cat, kitten, dog) to death because animal control agencies do put unwanted pets down for space constraints, behavior issues and when/if they get sick.

Boggs hit the nail on the head with her final statement:

If you don’t think this really happens….you aren’t living in reality…..they die daily…..thousands…..

Spay, neuter, adopt.

(Photo via Michele Boggs/Facebook)

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