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I Painted A Disney ‘Tangled’ Mural In My Daughter’s Room


We love all of the Disney Princesses, and especially Rapunzel. Her daring, adventurous spirit and the way she holds onto her dream are inspiring to my daughter and myself.

The entire time I worked on this I had the movie playing on repeat in the background, so I think I know every line!

I painted this in Michigan in January/February. It warmed up my winter and helped it go by a little faster. Thanks Rapunzel!

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I decided to decorate my daughter’s room with a mural from Disney’s “Tangled”


I started with the castle

Then I worked my way up

When the background was finished I added the details

And, of course, I painted Rapunzel and her Prince

I also painted a huge braid falling from the tree to represent Rapunzel’s signature look

And here is my daughter admiring the result!

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