In Memoriam: Remembering My Friend Duke The Beagle

When Duke was first brought into the Butler County Animal Control Center, he was near death. He weighed only a paltry 20 pounds, and was so skinny and emaciated, shelter staff thought he might not make it through the night. But he held on, and in the process made quite a lot of friends with his charm, and his positive attitude.

Source: Butler County Dog Warrden

Sadly, after weeks of trying everything they possibly could to save him, Duke was humanely put down last Friday, to end his pain and suffering for good. A representative with the Westside Animal Clinic in Columbus Ohio, took to their Facebook page to post this heartbreaking press release:

“We are deeply saddened to announce that Duke physically could not fight anymore. His body, no matter how hard he tried, and the amazing staff at West Side Animal Clinic tried was shutting down.We were hopeful in the beginning that he would pull through as we found nothing medically wrong with him, and he actually gained weight, but as reported yesterday he had took a turn for the worse. This morning with West Side Animal Clinic staff and Dog Wardens at his side,Duke was humanely euthanized to end his suffering and to let him be at peace and rest.”

Source: Butler County Dog Warden

In spite of being frail, and too weak to sometimes stand or eat, Duke always wagged his tail, grateful to be alive, and more than grateful that anyone might take an interest in him after years of abuse.

I learned about Dukes condition, friended his fan page, and got to know him through photos and videos his caretakers routinely posted on Facebook. I could see why everyone had such an interest in him, because he just emanates positivity.

Source: Butler County Dog Warden

I tried to arrange to go see him, before I read the shocking news on Friday. My hope is that his life, and the brief time he spent on this earth raises the kind of awareness that brings about change. I am calling for a national registry of dog abusers, who face stiff penalties and fines, to prevent dogs like Duke from becoming victims of neglect and abuse.

Rest in heaven Duke. Fly with the wind.🌈

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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