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Man accused in “worst Henry Co. animal abuse” case jailed after late for court


Abbeville- A man accused of felony animal cruelty was released from jail Tuesday after being held on contempt of court charges.

Henry County Circuit Judge Larry Anderson freed Quenten Mathis after he appeared late for trial Monday.

Mathis told the judge that he had been told to appear at 9:00 a.m. Anderson said he should have been in court at 8:30 and sentenced him to 24 hours in jail.

Mathis’ trial has now been put on hold due to an ongoing murder trial that Anderson is presiding over.

Mathis was arrested on cruelty charges after several dogs dead or near death at his home last year along Henry County Road 45. Investigators say one of the pit bulls survived by eating the carcass of another.

The dogs still alive appeared extremely malnourished and may have been without food and water for up to two weeks, according investigators.

“It’s the worst case of animal abuse I’ve ever seen,” said Sheriff Office Lieutenant Steve Culbreth said shortly after the dogs were discovered.

Investigator Keith Cauthen told WTVY he initially went to the home to check on the welfare of a child believed living there with at least one parent. That’s when he found the starving dogs.

[Source Story: HumansLovingAnimals ]



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