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Man who bashed dog to death ordered to prison


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A Sanford man today pleaded guilty to slamming his girlfriend’s dog against a wall so many times and with such force, it broke the animal’s neck and two back legs.

Jan Cornel Henry Jr., 42, was sentenced to three years in prison for animal cruelty.

He was arrested March 6. A Seminole County deputy found the dog’s body wedged beneath Henry’s couch, its head at an odd angle, according to an arrest report. The dog was dead.

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Henry’s girlfriend had called 911 moments earlier and screamed, ” ‘He’s killing my dog,’ ” the report said.

The two had argued, she said, and she was trying to leave but Henry would not surrender her dog.

A deputy spotted fresh blood on Henry’s pants then saw two gouges in the living room wall and blood splatter nearby, the report said. He also found fresh blood on a sofa cushion.

Henry was arrested that night. He underwent a mental competency evaluation a few weeks later, and a psychologist found him competent to stand trial, court records show.

Defense attorney Michael Nielsen was not available for comment.

The dog was described in the arrest report as small, white and having curly hair.

Henry’s prior arrests include a pair of cocaine charges — one in 2003 and another in 2009. He was placed on probation both times, court records show.

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