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Mike VI tiger mascot of LSU dies after cancer battle


In a very sad news report from the Bayou, LSU’s  beloved tiger mascot Mike VI died on Tuesday after he was humanely euthanized in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. According to LSU Sports, the school issued a statement that Mike VI was euthanized in his “night house” on the Baton Rouge campus by Dr. David Baker of the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine.

The 11-year-old Bengali-Siberian tiger had been diagnosed with a rare form of aggressive, incurable cancer in May; a fatal tumor had developed behind his eye growing bigger than a baseball in just months. Originally treated with radiation, it was hoped Mike could live for one or two more years. A CAT scan showed the tumor  and his cancer had spread.  The sad announcement triggered a wave of online tributes posted  on Facebook.

“Thanks for the memories and all the joy you brought to the #LSU family,” tweeted Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards.

Fans and followers of Mike are encouraged to share their “memories, stories and photos” of Mike with everyone.

Mike was two-years-old and 420 pounds when he arrived at LSU. He had been a gift from an animal sanctuary and lived in a 15,000 square foot enclosure next to Tiger Stadium. A new search is on at animal rescue facilities for a Mike VII.

Rest in peace Mike VI; you will be missed.

(Photos LSU Facebook)

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]



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