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Need Help: Dog Abandoned And Left Tied To Door After Owners Moved Away


Need Help: Dog aebandoned and left tied to door after owners moved away

Who can even imagine what this loyal, little dog is thinking as she patiently waits outside of what she still believes is her home?

“Who Does This? This poor dog is sitting at the front door of her home. Waiting for her family! The family moved out! Left their dog behind,” posted 100+Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida to shocked followers on their Facebook page Tuesday morning.

And the heartbreaking description continued:

“Abandoned by her owners…left tied with a suitcase buckle to the door, and they walked away; they moved away and left her behind to fend for herself. We are begging for your help..she is filthy, infested with fleas and ticks. She seems like she might have a fever. We will be doing a full work up on her to see what her health is like.. this sweet face we could not turn away…”

Tragically, the person who has been helping the dog can not keep her, and will have to take the young dog to the local high-kill animal shelter where every kennel is occupied. Volunteers state they are losing all faith in people – how cold and callous to do this. It’s a mystery how people can live with themselves.

The 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida is completely full and are currently working with dogs with serious injuries, but do not want this dog transferred to a shelter. By Tuesday afternoon, big hearts won out:

“She is safe. We will not let her go to the shelter; please honor your pledges and help us properly care for her and get her vetted and into a home.”

Donations to help this sweet little pooch can be made by clicking here.

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]



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