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Need Help: forced to endure a life of being caged up outdoors, used as part of dog fighting and drug ring


This post comes from the caring staff at the Friends for Animals Sanctuary, Melbourne, FL 32940. On October 26.


To me, SULLY has the eyes of a creature who knows more about pain and torture than any animal aught. While he can’t talk, his eyes communicate more than words can express. Sully seems to be telling us that he was forced to endure a life of being caged up outdoors, with little positive interaction or affection from a loving human. It is possible that Sully was used as part of a criminal dog fighting operation and drug ring. Once rescued it was apparent Sully had PTSD

At first, Sully’s eyes warned anyone who approached him that he was not to be touched. His growls and barks backed that threat. Unfortunately, Sully didn’t know the difference between the heart broken Friends for Animals Sanctuary staff trying to find him a new home, the potential forever parents who visited him each day, and the terrible excuse for humanity that had traumatized him. In Sully’s eyes, everyone was out to hurt him. All Sully knew was fear. It wasn’t Sully’s fault… all he had ever seen, all he had ever known was suffering and pain. PTSD

Thankfully, the FFAS staff did not give up. They saw in Sully’s eyes a scared, hurt Boxer/Pit Bull mix that could be rehabilitated. They promised Sully that every ounce of hardship he’d experienced in his 4 years would be repaid in kindness and affection by a loving owner.

Sully has been working with an animal behaviorist/ trainer who has helped him to reclaim his confidence and to trust people. The volunteers at Friends for Animals Sanctuary now describe Sully as cuddly dog who sticks like velcro to people once he bonds

Sully has almost completed his training and now we are in search for foster home or an amazing person to adopt him. He needs to be the only animal in the house with kids older than 12. He is about 5 ½ years old, 45lbs.

I know there is a special person out there for this guy. He holds a special place in our hearts. Please contact Sue @ 321-557-7435, bayly3@bellsouth.net.



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