No one bothered to stop to help donkey hit by car until…

In Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, a donkey had been hit by a car, but he was so frightened he just froze in fear along the highway. Would another vehicle hit him again? Were there no angels on earth who could come to the aid of an innocent victim? Blood dripped all the way down the leg of the donkey. A deep four-inch wedge of flesh and muscle hung from his shoulder.

He stood motionless -stranded between speeding trucks and cars and a median he was too injured to climb over.

Animal Aid Unlimited was notified and rushed to the donkey’s aid.  Meanwhile cars and trucks slowed down to avoid hitting him. When rescuers arrived, the donkey put up no resistance – he allowed all handling; even as the men lifted him off the road and carried him to the rescue ambulance.

Brought back to the rescue, and dubbed Hobnob, he was the most gentle and sweetest patient. Everyday for 54 days, Hobnob just stood still and acted grateful as his bandages and injuries were dressed; never a complaint never a flinch.

Hobnob is a story of gentle innocence and the “beautiful contentment that should belong to each animal on earth.” To help Animal Aid continue their work, donations can be sent by clicking here.


[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]