Puppy attacked by 2 housemates in critical condition

In Santa Barbara, California, the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center has issued a plea for donations to help a severely injured puppy attacked by two larger dogs in her home on Friday.

According to the Facebook page for the organization, which is the only no-kill animal shelter in Ventura County, the injuries to the pup named Sammy were horrific. Information shared indicates the attack by the other dogs occurred in the family’s backyard. And although the shelter encourages owners to be responsible for the health and welfare of their pets, this sadly was not the case for Sammy.

“Sammy had to be rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic, where her head virtually had to be sewn back together,” stated the SPARC’s executive director Nicky Gore-Jones.

Unable even to initially recognize Sammy’s breed as a smaller terrier because of the swelling, the puppy wasn’t even able to eat or drink. Veterinarians inserted a feeding tube into the dog’s stomach. Sammy has remained in intensive care for the last two days and is expected to recover, although her rehabilitation is expected to be a long one.

Get well soon Sammy.


[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]