Pups Found Cuddling Each Other For Comfort at Shelter, Finally Find Forever Home TOGETHER

Chewbacca and his little brother CC were an inseparable pair ever since they first met at their former owners home years ago. They were best friends, playmates, and each other’s protectors. CC who is smaller than Chewbacca, looked up to his big brother. Whenever CC was in trouble, Chewbacca always had his back, however, what the two never planned for was homelessness.

The pairs former owner gave birth to a newborn who had a profound allergy to dogs, and so she sent the two packing, to a local animal shelter, unfortunately.


Source: Daily Mail


Source: Daily Mail


Source: Daily Mail

CC and Chewbacca were eventually taken to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, where they became instant favorites with staff. Anytime they walked by their kennels, CC could be seen draped over Chewbacca, or cuddling next to him. Chewbacca did the same, always making sure to be right by the side of his little brother.

In fact, according to Jessica Jorgenson, who works for the shelter, anytime the two went out for car rides, they were pressed up against each other so as to not stray far away from one another. They did the same when they went out on walks.


Source: Daily Mail

Jorgenson soon took to the ARL’s Facebook page and posted the story of the shelters newest ‘resident odd couple.’ Fans of the page reading the pairs background story were so touch, that soon, adoption offers came pouring in.

The post read,

“Chewbacca and little CC are pretty much always cuddling when we walk by their kennel – and that usually means CC is somehow draped over Chewy. These two love going on walks and car rides and being involved in whatever you’re doing. They’ve lived with cats and dogs and would be a wonderful fit for a relaxed home. Their bond is undeniable, so they must be adopted together. What a perfect pair to share your life with!”


Source: Daily Mail

The pair were eventually adopted by Amber Wiley, and were taken to her home where they will share space with two other dogs and two pet pigs. We wish CC and Chewbacca all the best in their future endeavors.


Source: Daily Mail


Source: Daily Mail

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