Shepherd Puppy Surendered To Kill Shelter Because He Was a ‘Handful’, Is Just Too Depressed To Greet Visitors Anymore

At the high kill Harris County Animal Shelter (HCAS) in Houston, Texas, a 4 month old puppy is fighting for his freedom. According to an anonymous shelter staff member, his heartless owner surrendered him because he was a “handful,” on Saturday, October 8. Shelter staff say that the dog, whose name is Max, appears to be a German shepherd puppy. However, his mange is so bad, that they aren’t one-hundred percent certain.

Because Max is internally classified as a “owner surrender,” he might be put down earlier than most at this overcrowded facility. Unfortunately, the HCAS gives more priority and lenient kennel space time periods to strays and dogs with disabilities.

Max is young, and full of life. From my sources in the shelter who have interacted with him, he is described as sweet, loving, and kind. He is not a handful as described by his heartless owner.

If you or someone you know is interested in giving this precious pup the forever home he rightfully deserves, please contact the Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services at the phone number (281) 999-3191. When you call, please reference the shelter ID #A469966.

Additionally, please share this story on Facebook or Twitter so we are closer to finding Max the forever home he rightfully deserves. We have done it before and can certainly do it again.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]