Soldier’s dog adopted to someone else during training

Soldier’s dog adopted to someone else during training

A soldier stationed at Fort Carson, in Colorado, left his dog with a friend while he went away on training. A series of unfortunate events led to the dog, a German shepherd pup named “Ace,” being adopted to a new family while the man was gone, reported Tuesday’s KKTV News.

The seven-month-old pup managed to slip away from his temporary care provider’s yard and he wound up being picked up and taken to the Land of Ahs Kennel in Fountain. Though the dog sitter went to the kennel to retrieve the wayward dog, she lacked proper paperwork to show ownership, and she was unable to get him released from the kennel’s custody.

Meanwhile, the young dog’s owner, Steve Munoz, was training in Ft. Irwin, California, where communication was limited. The kennel, unable to reach Munoz, and not having “proper ownership” documentation, held Ace for the mandatory period of time and then adopted him to a new owner.

Munoz told KKTV News about the wall he ran into after returning home and making an attempt to find out where his missing dog was, “I had documentation and photos of him. They said, ‘We know which dog you’re talking about, but you missed your period.’”

Munoz has a message for Ace’s new owner, “I know he’s a great dog, and you guys are probably in love with him as well; but I really, really would like to get my dog back. I will pay you guys any fees you paid for adoption or anything for maintaining him. I’d just really like to get my pup back.”

After KKTV broke the story, several people have visited the kennel Facebook page to voice their displeasure over the adoption of this soldier’s dog to someone else.

(Photo/screenshot via KKTV News)


[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]