Special needs Beagle put down shortly after escaping yard

Special needs Beagle put down shortly after escaping yard

Shortly after a special needs Beagle escaped from his yard in Polk County, Florida, he was put down at an area animal control agency, reported Monday’s ABC Action News. The heartbreaking situation was the result of the perfect storm of problems…including the dog’s physical impairments, mixed up digits on his microchip phone number information, and an outdated owner address.

The dog, a rescued Beagle named “Lefty,” was both hearing and sight impaired and because of a prior head injury, he would spin in circles. His owner, Kristi Durham, told ABC Action News, of her hope to get her beloved dog back after he escaped from her yard in Auburndale during a storm on Thursday afternoon, “I’ve rescued several strays over the years, and I just prayed I’d be fortunate enough to get back some of that goodwill and get my baby back.”

Lefty’s owner used social media, posting to a Facebook lost and found group, to try and find her missing dog – last week she wrote, “Pls help. My little special needs dog got out during the storm a little bit ago in Auburndale. Was seen picked up at the intersection of Bennett St and Hwy 92 by someone in a big trk, not sure if pickup or semi. His name is Lefty and he’s about 15lbs. He spins in circles to the left all the time.”

Tragically, though the Beagle was picked up after getting loose, he was not held for long at the Polk County Animal Control. After the escaped Beagle disappeared, his family began calling area shelters, but the combination of his physical impairments, and a microchip with out-of-date information, resulted in the sheriff-run facility putting Lefty down just hours after he was picked up as a stray.

A public information officer for the Sheriff’s Office has expressed remorse for Lefty’s family’s devastating loss and the agency is offering to let them adopt a pet for free if they would like to.

The heartbreaking situation, which resulted in a special Beagle’s death, is a reminder to ensure that all microchip information is up to date and that there are no typos (for address or phone information) in the contact information.


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