Tears Flow as Military Dog and Veteran Reunite Two Years After War


For years, Sergeant Jason Bos and his dog Cila worked quietly to keep their platoon safe from roadside bombs in Iraq. The two were deployed hundreds of times in some of the most dangerous scenarios to detect and safely removed improvised explosive devices for the the secret service, special forces, and dignitaries.

Sadly, Jason had to retire from service to a severe back injury on one of those missions, leaving his partner and best friend Cila behind. Safely back from the war in the States, he never forgot the chocolate lab who protected him and others.Unfortunately, the Pentagon classifies dogs as ‘military equipment.’ When they are no longer fit for service due to injury or age, they are often left behind in the countries they are deployed to.

Life painfully went on for Cila and Jason, until a very special organization stepped up in a big way. The American Humane Association and Mission K9 Rescue is an organization that pairs dogs of war, with their partners. Below is the moment the two were reunited together, and this time forever.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]