Terminally ILL Pup Proving It’s Never Too Late To Marry Your Best Friend

No matter what stage you are in your life, it’s never too late to celebrate true love for what it is. For a senior pup named Wellington, he and his new bride, got the chance to do that in front of all of their family, and everyone who loves and adores him.


Wellington, a 13-year-old black lab, was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, and that means he only has just a few months to live. For Wellington’s owner Amy Loveless, the news of his cancer came as a shock. She decided that instead of lamenting the inevitable, she was going to instead celebrate his life the best way she could as she says

“We decided to make him a bucket list, to have some last fun times with him.”

The first order of business for Loveless to commemorate his life was to throw him a seaside wedding near her home in England.


Loveless and Wellington have a very deep bond for three years when she rescued him from the pound. Around that time, Wellington met the love of his life Elsa, who is also a black lab.

Elsa is a senior pup as well and met Wellington one day at Loveless’ hydrotherapy clinic for dogs. Elsa was being treated for arthritis, and soon discovered her new found friend Wellington was fond of swimming just like her. After several play dates arranged by their owners, the two became inseparable, treasuring all the moments they spent together.


Loveless said,

“Wellington and Elsa absolutely love being in the water together. So, we decided to have the wedding at the beach — their favorite place.”

And with that, Loveless set a date for the two to be together in holy matrimony forever. The affair was hardly a dull one with Elsa donning an adorable veil, and Wellington a tasteful tuxedo.


More than 20 of Loveless’ friends and family attended the canine nuptials to witness the event, along with many passersby.

Loveless said,

“Wellington was having a great time. He walked around in his tuxedo, talking to all of his guests. He was very proud of himself. He and Elsa knew they were both in the limelight.”


In fact, some of the guest’s even dressed up too……



Some of the guests decided to go a little casual…



Wellington’s mother helped exchange what she called his bow vows….


And then of course cake; there was lots of cake for all to enjoy….

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Loveless says that Wellington is presently undergoing chemotherapy, just to extend his life a few months more. We ask that you keep him in your thoughts and in your hearts as he spends the final days of his life with his loving mother and Elsa.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]