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This Man And His BFF Baby Kangaroo Do Everything Together


Every Australian is friends with kangaroos, right? Well, at least this Aussie. Meet Sydney comedian Jackson O’Doherty and his BFF, a female baby kangaroo named Damien. He recently posted an absolutely awww-dorable video which shows those two buddies doing everything together…

From romantic strolls on the beach, building sandcastles, to urinating in public, and even working at the construction site… They seem to be inseparable!

But before you decide to move to Oz and get yourself a pet kangaroo, we warn you that it’s not that easy – it is illegal to obtain these animals from the wild and they don’t sell them in pet shops. In general, you have to have a special license from wildlife rescue agency to have a kangaroo pet, get some animal knowledge, and ultimately, return the kangaroo to the wild where those creatures can boing.

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Sydney comedian Jackson O’Doherty and his BFF Damien, the baby kangaroo do everything together


From riding a swing to…

…jogging in a park…

…building sandcastles…

…and even working at a construction site!

If you feel like moving to Oz and getting yourself a kangaroo, you’ll need a special license for that!

Watch video here:

[Source Story: boredpanda.com ]



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