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Trapped cat on moving car in D.C. sparks controversy: VIDEO


WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) — It appears to be in a humane animal trap, but how a cat was transported inside that humane trap has some calling it possible animal abuse.

A D.C. woman is so mad at what she saw, she posted video recorded of the action to Facebook and told CBS affiliate WUSA9 that she even tried to confront the driver.

“All he said was that it was a wild cat,” said Jessica Wright, who says that’s the only answer she got when she finally stopped the driver Saturday.

In the cell phone video she recorded, it shows a driver transporting a cat in what appears to be some type of ‘Have a Heart’ humane animal trap, strapped to the hood of the trunk.


Wright said she saw this as they were heading toward Tysons Corner, Virginia on Interstate 495, with the vehicle driving at speeds around 60 mph.

“I was really upset about it,” Wright said. “I just can’t imagine in what world you wouldn’t think that, that wouldn’t be incredibly inhumane, but also like socially unacceptable.”

The D.C. resident says she works as veterinary technician and was concerned this was like torture for the domesticated animal.

“I’ve been doing this for 10-years and I have never seen that with a cat. It’s really frustrating and disheartening. First of all, you wonder why,” said Fairfax County Animal Protection Officer Sgt. Kim England.

While it’s not preferred, England also says it’s not necessarily illegal.

In fact, there aren’t that many laws on the books when it comes to transporting animals in Virginia.

The laws that exist are primarily said to discuss confinement and transportation of wild animals.

Fairfax Police’s Animal Protection division is investigating other issues regarding this case.

Wright said the driver released the cat just before she could get to it. She says she and two friends even went back to try and find it.

“I’d like to help find a home for it. I’m assuming that it’s someone’s pet because I can’t imagine why you would want to relocate a wild cat and it didn’t seem dangerous or anything, he was able to pull it out of the trap and let it go. That was such a callous and bold thing to do. I can’t believe he did that, so I want to make sure that other people are aware that, that is completely unacceptable,” Wright said.

[Source Story: HumansLovingAnimals ]



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