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Viral Image Shows Dog Struggling To Come To Terms With The Fact That Her Best Friend is Gone


When she was only a puppy, a dog named Pebbles had become the runt of the litter, and was not given much love from her mother. That all changed when she met Ruby, another puppy, and the two bonded instantly. The two seldom did anything apart from one another, from eating, sleeping, and going on walks together.


Rob Gower the pairs father said,

“Their favorite game was lying next to each other and attempting to hold their open mouth over each other’s nose.A little competition they had similar to a thumb wrestle.”


Pebbles had never experienced a life without Ruby, and that was all about to change in just a few short month. Ruby was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, and unfortunately, passed away soon after the diagnosis at just age 4.

Pebbles was devastated when her best friend didn’t come home, and was just too confused by what was happening in her new, very different life.


Gower continues,

“Regularly Pebbles will stand in a room or hallway and just look around. They each had a bed in our lounge room but opted to share the same bed together. However, since Ruby passed, Pebbles refuses to lay one paw on the bed they shared and instead sleeps on the previously unused one.”

Everyone was devastated by Ruby’s loss, and it was very difficult on the family. When her ashes arrived, and Gower went to place her urn in a sacred place, it was just too difficult for Pebbles to handle as he says,


“I placed Ruby on a table with her collar and a new tennis ball on it and sat nearby to gather my thoughts.”

When he dropped the urn on the table, ruby did something truly incredible. She picked up the ball left next to the urn, dropped it on the floor, and began playing with it as if Ruby were in the room. Each time she picked up the ball and placed it on the table, it would fall down, and she would pick it up again and play with it. However, each time she returned, something was different. Ruby wasn’t there after all, and that made Pebbles sad.


Gower continues,

“When Pebbles wants to play with someone this is exactly what she does. Once Pebbles realized that Ruby couldn’t play with her anymore, she circled and lay on the carpet next to her old friend and let go of a loud sigh.”


Gower concludes,

“The intelligence and intuition Pebbles displayed reminded me that she is simply another member of my family. Vulnerable, caring and of course extremely lovable.”

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]



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