WANTED: Arrest Warrant Issued For ‘Socialite’ Caught on Camera Lighting Stray Dogs on Fire

According to celebrity gossip and news website TMZ, an arrest warrant has been issued for celebrity hotelier Vikram Chatwal by the NYPD. TMZ is reporting that Chatwal was caught on camera using a hair spray can and a lighter to light two, stray  dogs on fire. A witness, who wished to be unidentified, said she heard loud screams from a male voice when she went over to investigate.

This is when she made the shocking discovery of Chatwal with a lighter and hairspray can in his hand using it as a makeshift blowtorch, to shoo the dogs away. Fortunately, the two dogs survived, and are said to be doing fine after a medical check up. They suffered minor burns. The following video below was turned into NYPD by TMZ before the warrant for Chatwal was issued:

According to the NYPD, Chatwal’s whereabouts are unknown at this time, and he has not responded to the warrant thus far. Chatwal is most known for being best pals with actress Lindsey Lohan.

Chatwal and his Friend Lindsey Lohan

Chatwal and his friend Lindsey Lohan

Several reports indicate that he is a wealthy, privileged man who owns several high-profile hotels, frequented by “A-list” celebrities. Chatwal is a ‘socialite’ who is said to be very active in high society circles in the New York City area.


[Source Story: Fido4ever ]