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Woman Accused Of Strangling And Beating Dog To Death After Breaking Into Ex-Boyfriend’s House



A basset hound authorities contend was killed by a La Crosse woman had fractured ribs, a collapsed lung and a cut consistent with a stab wound, according to court records.

Prosecutors on Wednesday charged Selina Boulton, 32, with misdemeanor mistreating animals in the 13-year-old dog’s Nov. 14 death. She also is charged with disorderly conduct in La Crosse County Circuit Court.

Boulton killed the dog, Jixer, after breaking into her ex-boyfriend’s house in the 700 block of North Losey Boulevard during an argument with him early that day, according to the complaint.

Police found the dog dead on the floor, its choke collar cinched tightly to its neck and a frying pan nearby, reports stated.


An autopsy done on dog determined it died of asphyxiation/respiratory failure as a result of severe thoracic trauma.

Boulton told police Jixer bit her when she entered the house, which she denied breaking into, reports stated. She said the dog was four years past its life expectancy and that “an animal has more rights than I do.”

“She did not seem to have any remorse for the fact that the animal was now deceased,” officers noted.

Boulton had a 0.10 percent alcohol level after the incident.

Her ex-boyfriend in a letter to police said he believed the dog died of a heart attack brought on when Boulton climbed through a window into the house.

She didn’t kill my dog,” he wrote. “I would like the District Attorney to please drop all charges immediately.”

The poor guy wants to believe his dog died of a heart attack. Guess he has to believe in something to keep him going since his dog is pushing up daisies now.

[Source Story: HumansLovingAnimals ]



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