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Woman arrested after dog shot with arrow


A Weirton woman is being charged with a felony after she allegedly shot a neighbor’s dog.

WEIRTON, W.Va. — A woman is in police custody after a dog was shot with an arrow last week in Weirton.

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The dog, a Mastiff named Moose, is doing okay. He was hit in the mouth, causing a wound requiring stitches. However, it could have been much worse and now neighbors are worried for their animals.

Larissa Stewart ran outside her Pennsylvania Avenue home when she heard her dog Moose crying outside.


“It really scared me when I come outside and seen. It looked like a blood bath out here,” Stewart said.

She found Moose covered in blood with a hole in his face and two arrows on the ground.Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would do this because any of my neighbors, anybody will tell you he’s a gentle giant, amazing with kids, amazing with other animals. I just don’t understand who in their right mind would do something like this,” Stewart said.

Less than three hours after our interview with Larissa, police arrested her next door neighbor, Janet Greenwald. Police say she confessed after being confronted.

In the past, Greenwald had allegedly made comments that she would shoot the dog with a bow and arrow if the dog wasn’t quiet.

Police Chief Rob Alexander says she followed through with her threats, saying she tried to shut the dog up. Detectives went to her house and found arrows matching the make and model of those used in the attack.

The simple fact she had broad heads, which were pretty much razor blades on the end of the arrows, is the big thing. The code in West Virginia reads if you intentionally torture an animal, the definition of torture means to intentionally inflict pain, that’s a felony,” Alexander said.

While Greenwald faces some serious charges, the Stewarts have answers and are thankful it didn’t end worse for Moose.

“She could’ve called police, she could’ve made contact with the neighbors, she could’ve made every attempt other than trying to cause intentional physical harm to this poor dog,” Chief Alexander said.

Greenwald has no prior criminal record.

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