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Woman spends $500 on surgery for pet goldfish choking on a pebble


“Conquer” the goldfish is one lucky little pet; when the tiny swimmer choked on a pebble, his owner noticed he hadn’t been eating – something was drastically wrong. According to CbsNews, the young woman rushed the fish into a specialty veterinary clinic in Australia asking for help for her one-year-old little friend.

Donning gloves and tiny instruments, Conquer was anesthetized as the vets probed into the mouth of the fish who weighed barely .46 of an ounce.

“Conquer’s eyes were obviously bigger than his belly on that day. Had she ( the fish’s owner) not noticed the subtle changes in her pet, he surely would have starved,” explained the veterinary nurse at Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Services.

Conquer quickly recovered and is back at home where he is happily swimming in his own tank. The Facebook page of the organization has been getting quite a bit of attention – especially when readers found out the life saving surgery cost $500. In response to that however, Madeline Rienecker, the nurse at the vet hospital replied:

“While there has been quite a lot of fuss made over the cost of the procedure… most people wouldn’t bat an eyelid spending the money on a dog, cat or child, so why would we value our beautiful exotic pets an less?”

We’re glad you’re doing well Conquer.

(Photos via Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Services)

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]



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