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WTF: Heartbreaking photo of Montreal pet owner training dog to wear muzzle


Ask Erika Ashley Matta, who lives in Laval, Quebec City Canada how her dog named Lucky has reacted to the news of Tuesday’s legislation when Montreal City Council voted to ban the ownership of pit bull type dogs.

The photo of Lucky has been shared thousands of times as Erika recalls back to 2007 when she adopted what is believed to be a Labrador retriever and pit bull mix from the SPCA when the dog was barely a year-old.

“No more playing ball in a park or running around catching sticks,” stated Erika. “She has been through so much and now at her senior age she sure doesn’t deserve to be muzzled. Today as I went to Mondou to go see what size muzzle Lucky would need to wear,we encountered a lady who was scared of dogs but was really enjoying petting Lucky; she said she is such a sweet dog.”

When the woman asked why Erika was purchasing a muzzle, the woman started to cry and told the cashier how unfair this new ruling was for dogs. As does everyone who can think beyond knee-jerk reactions, one should punish the neglectful dog owners  – not the dogs.

“There are good-hearted people out there, and a lot of people on our side to fight for the right of our dogs, and I hope we can accomplish something because having to see my dog wear a muzzle and cower down the way she is in this picture sure breaks my heart,” reflected Erika.  “At 9 years old she should be enjoying her life the best she can. She doesn’t understand why she has to wear this weird thing on her mouth, and to her it’s not a positive thing. We are trying to make positive but in the end the dog is not happy wearing it.”

On Wednesday, the Montreal SPCA stated it is waging a legal challenge against the city over the ban on pit bull type dogs. According to Global News, the organization has filed documents at the courthouse hoping to suspend the application of some sections of the new law alleging those that specifically target pit bulls are discriminatory and contrary to Quebec’s animal-welfare laws. On Thursday, the SPCA will appear in court and ask a judge to suspend the application of the provisions that pertain to pit bull type dogs pending a lawsuit containing arguments to overturn the new bylaw.

“We urgently filed a lawsuit against the city of Montreal,” Alanna Devine, director of animal advocacy for the Montreal SPCA, said. “The argument is that there are serious legal issues with the bylaw, there is serious prejudice or harm that will occur and that it’s irreparable.”

More news to come – the fight isn’t over yet. Read more about the legislation here.

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]



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