ARIEL HAS LEFT US…We have awoken to terrible new from the hospital

We have awoken to terrible new from the hospital.
Ariel died during the night from acute renal failure.
As we explained, Ariel was crushed soon after birth, and her entire body was compromised; she had serious problems.
This morning, the effects of such horror were stronger than her will to live.
We are sorry… there are no words to express our grief.



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  1. Hmmm, Viktor, I know you do all you can for those poor animals, and you save so many of them. BUT I wonder, why you have so many cases of renal failure, AFTER the animals are in your hospital care. I think many of them can not tolerate these strong antibiotics or other medications effecting the kidneys. Maybe there would be other ways, other medications (substitutes) for these week bodies. I am a nurse myself and I worked in nephrology for many years.

  2. To those who worked so hard to save her, I am so sorry for your loss. Rest in knowing that the Father of all creation feels your sorrow. Know that He has Ariel in His loving arms right now. She is perfect in every way and free of pain! Thank you for caring for her while she was with us on earth. ‘Til we meet again someday, run free, little one!

  3. Thankfully she knew she was loved and being cared for to the best of your abilities. You can see it in that photo. She was being touched and loved and was not out there alone to die at the hands of someone or something else. Peace to her and all of you.

  4. That’s sad news, so sad. 🙁 :'(
    But I know that you VL do anything what you can.
    I’m very very sorry about your loss. 🙁 :'(
    Remember that you’re so good person, so good!
    #respect #bigrespect

  5. ;( rest in peace ariel you were born to be cute but you couldnt make it whe knew the pain you felt but now you are in the warmest and cosiest place ever cat heaven where all cats get to be treated like kings and queens for eternity hope you have a good trip up there

  6. Oh precious baby I am so sorry. I am so happy you had love and tender hands for your short time on this earth. You are in such a beautiful place now and you are healthy and have so many new friends. Love you baby! Xoxo! Thank you everyone!

  7. Rest In Peace sweet little angel. I wish the world would’ve been nicer to you and the outcome would’ve been better but there were other plans for you and no one on this page or those who fought for you will ever forget you. Such a beautiful little baby gone too soon. ❤️

  8. Very confused because my bullie Nancie has a nureoligical problem were her brain dosent tell her bladder to wee she has a tube that we drain 3 times a day no hassle devoted to doing it could you of not done the same xx

  9. Its a sad fact, but you cant save them all, despite all your best efforts. I know you will keep trying, for all the Ariel’s and Chico’s out there. I will donate again as soon as my economy allows. Keep up the good work you and your team is doing.

  10. I am so sorry to hear that. You guys tried as hard as you could and unfortunately you cannot save them all. My heart breaks right along with you on the loss of such a beautiful and special baby.

  11. Little sweet heart, you didn’t left this world alone in the middle of no where . The team was here with you. Thanks to Viktor and the team for that. Rest in peace sweety, run in the little kitten paradise for ever.

  12. So sorry, sleep tight beautiful baby girl. My darling cats that have passed will be waiting to welcome you to a better place with open paws and hearts xxx

  13. I just watched her video ….rest in peace lil angel….she looked happy for the short time she was with you….thank you for all you do for these babies….you and your staff are true guardian angels!!!!…..much love to you all!!!….

  14. Have you a cat in Heaven, Lord?
    Do you have room for just one more?
    Cause Ariel died today,
    And will be waiting at your door. ✝

    So sorry for Ariel! Sleep with the Angels baby! <3

  15. RIP Ariel. You gave a good fight, had a great team and had a lot of love in your short time on this earth. May you run free and feel tremendous amount of love. God Bless little angel.

  16. Another heartbreaking story, but at least consoling to know she is not in pain anymore……you did a great job showing her love and kindness at the end of her dearly beloved short life, yes I know with sever muscle destruction, lots of waste material and potassium accumulates and the kidneys work extra hard trying to remove these extra waste material,but with raised levels of potassium in her blood, why wasnt she given dialysis to try to lengthen her life?

  17. I’m so sorry that her rescue came too late for her. She had such a strong spirit in her. I loved her the moment I sat eyes on her. So sad…. 🙁 she was so beautiful. 🙁

  18. You take the very worse cases and you try. Some are too far gone but you don’t know which ones unless you try.

    Kitty knew a few hours of peace and love. She wouldn’t have had that if it were not for you and your team. God bless you.

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