ARRESTED: Barberic Owner Dragged Dog Behind Car To Show Him ‘Who Is Boss’

In Oaxaca, Mexico, Manuel Alfonso Ruiz Martell was so upset with his dog, that he tied him to the back of his Volkswagen Beatle after assaulting him, and then drove down the road at slow speeds to show his pup “who is the boss,” according to shocked witnesses who could not believe what they were seeing.

After a passerby jumped in front of the car to stop Martell from moving any further, he got out of the car to explain his reasoning behind his barbaric actions shouting to anyone that would listen that he was “trying to teach the brat a lesson.” Police were eventually called to the scene, and Martell was arrested on the spot and charged with animal cruelty. The dog, whose name was not released survived, and is presently receiving treatment for injuries sustained during the incident. He is said to be in stable condition and when he is well enough he will be placed up for adoption.

Remarkably, in Mexico, animal cruelty is not punished as severely as it is in the United States, and so legal experts believe that the dog will more than likely be returned to his owner, until the case is fully processed in a court of law.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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