ARRESTED: Man Who Lit Puppy On Fire After He Was Dumped By Girlfriend Charged With Felony Cruelty


Columbia, South Carolina resident Hykeem Dontavious Jabar Golson, 21, is in serious trouble after he was alleged to have lit a puppy on fire out of “vengeance,” after a dispute with his former girlfriend had taken a grisly turn for the worse. Witnesses to the incident allege that Golson kidnapped the small pit bull puppy owned by his girlfriend, and went to the Grace United Methodist Church where he confronted his ex who had been attending Sunday services

When she discovered Golson holding and torturing pup, imploring him to stop, Golson allegedly lit the pup who had been pre-soaked in gasoline on fire. Golson then fled the scene, leaving his ex-girlfriend, who was not named in the police report, to tend to the pup who was gravely injured. Police and emergency rescuers arrived on the scene and rushed the young pup to an emergency clinic where they worked tirelessly to save him. Unfortunately, he passed away due to his injuries.

Golson has a rap sheet that predates 2012, in which he was charged with identity theft,shoplifting, and reckless driving. He is presently being held at the Alvin S Glenn Detention Center, where bail has not been set.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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