Blind and Deaf Pup Becomes Good Friends With Dog Who’s Just Like Her

For a pair of dogs who can’t see nor hear, Maise and Keller sure have an uncanny knack for finding and sticking close to one another.


Kathryn Woodward, a woman who cares for both pups at her South Carolina home says,

“Honestly, they just seem to know they have something in common. Honestly. I know that sounds crazy but they’ve been best friends since day one.”


Maybe it has something to do with the fact that although they came from different backgrounds, they were treated like nothing, because they were born a certain way. Nobody, other than Kathryn wanted to take a chance on them, and so they bonded because they have quite similar stories of neglect.


Maise is an Australian shepherd and Keller is a Great Dane. The two have a medical condition known as double merle, which means they have duplicate genes of each other, which is primarily as a result of being overbred. Diseases associated with this condition can lead to such things as blindness and deafness.

Maise past family took her in as a puppy they purchased from a breeder in North Carolina, and realized soon into her development that she was both deaf and blind. Woodward explains,

“The family quickly realized something was wrong so they put her on a Facebook yard sale site as free to a good home.”

When Woodward read the post, she was quite shocked and disturb because we all know what happens when we don’t vet prospective adopters for pups who are listed in classified ads for “free to good home.” Woodward knew she had to do something because she had her own experience in dealing with dogs in this condition. After all, she was Keller’s mom, so that would qualify her indeed.


Woodward stepped in and negotiated the release of Maise from her past owner, and agreed to foster her. As soon as she arrived in her new foster home, Keller immediately gravitated towards her, and took her in as his own. The two can often be seen cuddling each other, and although they can’t see, following one another everywhere. The bond is quite powerful because Keller, who was considered “unsellable” by his breeder, has nothing but love to give and show to a dog he knows must be hurting inside from that same rejection.


One day, Maise will need to find a home of her own. Think that’s you? If so, please contact Boxer Butts & Other Mutts at the e-mail address, for more information regarding Maise.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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