BREAKING: Judge Orders Immediate Release of Shepherd On Death Row After DNA Test Points To Innocence

On August 24th, a dog name Jeb from Port Huron, Michigan was in serious trouble, after he was standing over a badly injured dog named Vlad, who had been gravely injured. Neighbors called police, and soon, a small crowd gathered to see what the commotion was. Jeb, a German shepherd was accused of causing the grave injuries to the smaller dog Vlad, and things were not looking good for him whatsoever.

Jeb after securing his release from death row

Jeb’s owner Kenneth had to watch as his pup was hauled off to police, seized, and charged with the death of Vlad. Authorities whisked Jeb off to animal shelter, where he was placed on death row to be “destroyed,” until a judge reviewed his “dangerousness,” in a special hearing that was scheduled in court.

Kenneth became extremely vocal about this incident, and while expressing sympathy to Vlad’s owner, was absolutely adamant that his dog couldn’t have possibly committed such a crime. The Jeb he knew was a sweetheart who was kind to everyone he came across, and most importantly respectful of life. A judge unfortunately wasn’t buying it, and ordered Jeb to be euthanized a few days after the incident.

Image Source: Associated Press: Jeb(Right) with his owner Kenneth Jobs (Left)

Kenneth, with consultation from his lawyer filed an emergency motion, that asked the court to do a necropsy on Vlad, and collect DNA from his body. Shockingly, the judge agreed, and stayed Jeb’s execution until the DNA results could be determined.

Jeb’s DNA Results

The DNA results vindicated Jeb as none of his DNA was ever found on Vlad’s body. Kenneth was right after all, his dog had nothing to do with Vlad’s death, and was actually standing over his body, to try and help him once he discovered he was badly injured. Jeb was actually trying to help Vlad and not hurt him. Prosecutor Mike Wendling released the following statement after the judge ordered Jeb’s release saying,

“The court has signed a consent judgment between the parties that allows for the Kenneth Jobs to take Jeb home.”

Kenneth, who is a military veteran, is more then elated to have Jeb back home where he belongs. Kenneth suffers from PTSD and Jeb’s presence helps calm his symptoms, whenever he experiences difficulty. We wish him and Jeb all the best in their future endeavors, and thanks to his quick thinking, his beloved pup is alive.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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