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Community Comes Together To Pay Tribute To Senior Pup On His Final Walk


In Newquay, United Kingdom, Mark Woods invited local towner’s to pay tribute to his ailing, 18-year-old senior pup named Walnut. Walnut, who had been sick for quite some time, absolutely treasured his walks on the beach. Woods made the announcement on his Facebook account, asking anyone who had come to know him to join Walnut for his final walk on the beach to pay tribute.

Woods wrote:

“Sadly I am having to have Walnut euthanized on Saturday 12th November and so we will be having a last walk together on his beloved Porth Beach at 9.30am. I would love it if dog lovers/owners and friends would join us for a celebration of Walnut on his favorite Porth Beach. He has had an incredible life and having reached the grand age of 18 is ready for his final sleep.”

Woods post quickly went viral across all the major social media platforms, and soon, more than 100 people showed up to pay tribute to his beloved Walnut.

Emotional but beautiful #WalkWithWalnut this morning. pic.twitter.com/jIgDzrlr6t

— Sue (@Surfingsue) November 12, 2016


Heartbreaking scenes from Porth beach this AM as hundreds take one last #walkwithwalnut 🐶💔
Amazing scenes as everyone’s comes together💕 pic.twitter.com/O9fsDpeCME

— PCSO Kirsty Down D&C (@SaltashPCSO) November 12, 2016

The last paddle on #walkwithwalnut 🐶💕 pic.twitter.com/tPyhBoEjiB

— Polpier & Penpol (@Polpier_Penpol) November 12, 2016

The hashtag #WalkWithWalnut become a trending topic on Twitter, and soon dog lovers across the globe who couldn’t attend in person, sent their well wishes to I’m sure a very grateful Walnut.

Wish we could #walkwithwalnut this Saturday with our #lurcher but we’re too far away. Enjoy your last special walk together. #cornwall #dogs pic.twitter.com/I1T3P3oWTO

— Michelle Higgs (@MichelleHiggs11) November 9, 2016

Enjoy your walk Walnut. I’m with you in Hove x #walkwithwalnut pic.twitter.com/nhDQXwKku4

— Doris the Lurcher (@DLurcher) November 12, 2016

Sadly, a few hours after his walk, Walnut passed away. Woods again took to his Facebook page to inform everyone who supported him on his final walk the sad news saying,

“Walnut passed away this morning at 11.56am. He went very quickly and in my arms,” the British man continued. Hundreds of people that attended the walk this morning and to all those that had their own walks with their beloved pets at 9.30am all around the world. Woods ended his announcement by reminding everyone “just how lucky we are to be alive and to share in the wonderful world that our pets give us. God bless you all.”

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