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Cortland man jailed and $155,000 bond in puppy abuse case



A Cortland man is in jail on $155,000 bond after he pleaded not guilty in Central District Court Wednesday to charges he beat his 6-month-old puppy.

Collin J. Macaulay, 19, was arrested and charged with two counts of menacing Monday after his neighbors called police to report they overheard him beating his dog.

He was later charged with two counts of intimidation of a witness in a criminal case and one count of prohibitions concerning companion animals, a charge that was recently passed through the Ohio legislature, which is also known as “Goddard’s Law”.  This is the first case in Trumbull County under “Goddard’s Law” which makes animal cruelty in Ohio a felony.

In a media release, Cortland police say officers questioned Macaulay about the dog and noticed his 6-month-old pit bull mixed breed showed signs of abuse. The dog appeared to have suffered from swelling and scrapes on her face and head.
The Trumbull County Dog Warden and Animal Cruelty Task Force investigated at the scene before taking the dog to a veterinarian.
The vet determined the puppy suffered from various injuries.

Police say Macaulay became “enraged and uncooperative” when they initially approached him. and witnesses told police Macaulay threatened them for calling and reporting the incident to police.

Macaulay remains in the Trumbull County Jail pending a preliminary hearing.  The puppy is being cared for by a veterinarian.

[Source Story: HumansLovingAnimals ]

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