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Cow with missing eye, rotting face, suffering in North Carolina


A cow, with a missing eye and a face which is rotting, is suffering in Lillington, North Carolina. A concerned resident in the area got close enough this week to see the extent of the cow’s suffering and she was appalled.

The woman, whose name is being kept private, described what she saw on the fence-line along Lemuel Black Road on Tuesday:

After picking up the kids today she was right along the fence line and I could finally see. Her entire orbit of her eye is gone and the whole side of her face is rotted through. This rancher, I have seen multiple times a day out there and in no way could he not have known or noticed. She is literally wasting away

She added, “I’ve turned it over to authorities at this point and will follow up Thursday.”


The woman reached out to the local animal control agency about the suffering cow…she was told that, “they called his vet and it’s “being treated” until the eye can be removed.” The comment baffled the woman because the cow’s eye is literally gone…

Adding insult to injury, the animal control officer stated that the cow was nursing a calf right now, so they “didn’t want to do anything.” The implication is that the cow will be allowed to suffer until the calf is weaned, and then she will be killed. The man that spoke to the concerned woman wound up hanging up on her.

No animal should be subjected to this type of suffering.

The animal control responsible for this area is the Harnett County Animal Control:

Staff emails at this link. Note – the woman spoke with program manager, Steve Berube.

Address: 1100 McKay Place, Lillington, NC 27546

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]



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