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Cruelty posts on social media finally leads to dog being surrendered


On Tuesday, the College Station Police Department in Texas met with involved persons alleged to have been part of an animal cruelty investigation in connection with a small dog. In response to the allegations and the cruelty posts on social media, the dog has been surrendered to authorities for on going-care and professional evaluation.

The investigation is the result of the cruelty posts and a disturbing video which went viral garnering over 50,000 views. The original post by Layten Durda had been posted on Facebook echoing the animal advocate’s concern over the welfare of a neighbor’s dog:

“Friends, I need help to get the word out about my neighbors dog. We have named him Russell, he is a sweet little pup and he has been horribly abused for almost a year by my neighbor. I’ve called College Station Animal Control several times and still nothing has been done. I’m not sure how they are allowing this to happen but it has to stop. This goes on almost every day. I’ve provided Animal Control with photos, videos and eyewitnesses and the last time I called, I was literally laughed at. Apparently College Station doesn’t take animal cruelty seriously. Please share and help me help this doggy! #animalrights#animalcruelty#collegestationanimalcontrol#animalabuse#BCS#CSPD

In response to the many people offering to and suggesting that we just take the dog, I want more than that. Not only does that put someone in danger by going over there, but who’s to say this guy doesn’t just get another dog?? Not only that, but I want the city to be aware that they have been painfully lacking presence in the area. Thanks for all the support everyone!”

The video was shot from a window at the neighbor’s home, and it showed a man with a small dog violently pulling on the leash as the small dog was removed from a cage.  The man pulls the leash spinning the tiny dog completely around. At one point, it also appears the man kicks the dog.


The College Station Police Department have not indicated if any arrests have been made. According to WtawNews, officials stated, “the investigation into these allegations continues and there will be no further information released until this process is completed.” An update on Layten’s page asks that people not become directly involved in the investigation so as not to put anyone in danger.

“Thank you for generating the awareness we needed in order to be taken seriously. We have been told that Russell is under pending suspension from the owner and located at Aggieland Humane Society for treatment. Will also update this post as to when/if he is available for adoption…”

(Photo of cruelty posts via Facebook)

Warning: The video is graphic and disturbing:

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKS.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you



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