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Depressed Shepherd Surrendered To High Kill Shelter Is Just Too Sad To Greet Visitors Anymore



Life at the San Bernardino Animal Shelter (SBAC) is no cakewalk to say and write the least. The chaos, noise, and confusion of dogs trying to stand out and get attention to patrons visiting the shelter, is a sad spectacle to watch indeed. The smells of the place, are not as pungent as the hopelessness at the SBAS, as dogs who are not adopted in time are ushered to a back room where they are eventually euthanized if they can’t find homes.

For a German shepherd named Bear, he knows all too well the stakes at hand if he doesn’t find a home soon. The once jovial, happy go lucky 2-year-old pup who didn’t think twice about greeting shelter patrons with a smile and a paw, is now too sad to even lift up his head. In fact,  after he was routinely passed up for other dogs, his smile quickly turned into a frown. Today, you can find Bear tucked away in a corner, where he has completely shut down emotionally.


A Petharbor listing for Bear reads,

“My name is Bear and I am an unaltered male, black and brown German Shepherd Dog. Shelter staff think I am about 4 years old. I have been at the shelter since Nov 04, 2016 and need your help getting out.”

Bear, especially around this time of the year where we all get ready to celebrate the holidays with our families, should have a forever home to call his own. Instead of being tucked away in a corner crying himself to sleep, he should be out playing with his toys and lounging on his dog bed.

If you or someone you know is interested in giving this precious pup the forever home he rightfully deserves, please contact the San Bernardino Animal Shelter at 909-384-1304 and reference the shelter ID #A499325. Additionally, please share this story on Facebook or Twitter, so we are closer to finding Bear a home. We have done it before and can certainly do it again.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKS to help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you



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