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Detroit woman demands man beating bleeding dog surrender animal


A woman in Detroit, who saw a man heartlessly beating a bleeding dog, followed the abuser and demanded he surrender the dog or she would call the police. According to Fox2News, Brianne Smith was emotionally shaken last Friday when she saw the man beating the defenseless, passive pooch.

Brianne followed the man and pleaded with him to surrender his pet. The man just walked away.

“To be honest I was very high on emotion after seeing him kick the dog and then get slammed in the door of a car. I freaked out,” stated Brianne. “Once I confronted him and threatened to call police, he took off the other way.”

The story, however didn’t end there.  Soon after, the dog returned to the original spot where he had been beaten. By now, the dog was severely bleeding, and so worried about the dog’s welfare, Brianne followed. The dog ran between two houses along the corner of 8 Mile and Schaefer Streets and seemed to have found a little spot to rest off the well trodden path. Brianne brought the injured dog food and water, wrapped him in some blankets and carried him to her car while she waited for the rescue organization to arrive.


On Thursday, the dog dubbed Diesel, underwent surgery as doctors removed a bullet lodged in his nose. The Michigan Anti Cruelty Society is working with the Detroit Dog Rescue to help Diesel.

And now the best part of the story – Brianne wants to adopt Diesel.

“I want to adopt him and bring him home,” stated Brianne. “I have beds and food and another dog from an adoption at my house. I want to care for him. I want to take care of him.”

Brianne will be filling out an adoption application for the dog she rescued. Anyone with information about the person who abused Diesel is asked to notify the police.

(Photos of bleeding dog via screenshots by Fox News)

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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