Dickens Was Being Eaten Alive By Maggots! The End Will Make You Cry… From Joy

dickens was being eaten alive by maggots!!!! the end will make you cry… from joy… share!!!!!
don’t miss the endl!

you have never seen a rescue like this one… an enormous number of people asked us to euthanise him… he wasn’t viable, they said…

look at this!!!:

we would like dickens’ wonderful story to save another dog from certain death…

when max arrived, he was howling in pain because of the rope embedded
in his flesh, and burning up with fever due to the infection.


max has lived a terrible nightmare.. he is hospitalized in intensive
care.. please, help us save him…

SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKS to help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves.
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you


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  1. He’s lucky to get an awesome family .. especially the mother is such an affectionate person.. every gesture of hers made my heart swell with happiness for Dickens

  2. I believe every life is worth the effort. Sure the easy thing to do in these situations would be to put him down, you wouldn’t have to feel the heart ache, the battle between yourself if you are doing the right thing and watch the suffering. But when that animal fights right along with you to survive and you get to see the end result, which is a happy, healthy dog who gets to spend it’s life with a family who loves them makes it all worth it. That is the greatest gift of all. I always think, what makes it so easy to euthanize a dog and not put up a fight? Is it because you can’t hear them say I love you, or I’ll miss you? Thank you Viktor Larkhill for you willingness to fight and to do the unthinkable, you and your team are truly amazing, God bless!

  3. This is what we are faced with everyday, doing are part to pick up the pieces of these tormented lives and make a difference.

  4. Amazing rescue, you people are angels and heroes! I would also like to say that the family who adopted him is awesome: they are setting such a good example for that little girl by adopting a special needs pet. I am sure they will make him happy ❤️

  5. I wondered why they didn’t shave all his fur off…just curious. Thankful…he has a beautiful family now…Cute little girl to love him…forever….

  6. Looks like someone made a new best friend. When she looks back I’m sure she will both laugh and cry and think to herself what an amazing dog she had.

  7. This is more common than people think. Outside dogs have a greater chance of this if left in this condition. Throw everyone in jail that allows this to happen.

  8. Chudáček,je mi ho moc líto,..je tak smutný,..doufám,že je už v pořádku..přeji mu krásný a spokojený život plný lásky,…

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