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Dog who escaped from pet resort found on dark roadway


Patches, the dog who disappeared from a pet resort in Sacramento, California, nearly two weeks ago, was found on Thursday morning on a dark roadway, reported The Sacramento Bee. “Patches,” a Jack Russell terrier mix, had been boarded at the Sacramento Pet Resort & Spa in late October when he managed to escape through a fence in an outdoor play area.

Patches reappeared early Thursday, before the sun was up. Nathan Cinder, an employee at the Sacramento SPCA, happened to be driving on South Watt Avenue when Patches was found wandering on the dark roadway.  Cars stopped and concerned passersby managed to capture the little dog before he was injured.

Patches was still wearing his collar with identification tags – after being taken to the Sacramento SPCA, his embedded microchip confirmed that he was indeed Roxanne Ullman’s missing dog, and a reunion took place shortly thereafter.

The Pet Resort had offered a $1,000 reward for the missing dog’s safe return – according to the shelter:

The Pet Resort dropped off their reward today. Nathan declined Roxanne’s reward so she donated the funds to the SPCA.

Cameras were rolling during the tearful reunion between Ullman and her long-lost dog…welcome home Patches!

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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