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Emaciated Pup Was Just Too Scared to Show Her Face Anymore


When the crate arrived from Isreal, no one could quite grasp the aura of desperation and neglect the dogs locked inside were facing when they finally arrived at the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in Ontario, Canada.  The sanctuary flew the dogs to Canada, as part of a massive rescue operation.


The dogs move to the safety of a rescue organization like Dog Tales, signified the end of a torturous existence, in which they were forced to live in cages with knee high writhing waters infested with rats. For one dog named Doba, the horrors of her past life were wounds that still remained fresh in her mind when she arrived onto safer ground.

Clare Forndran of Dog Tales says,

“I remember that when she was taken out of her crate there was a collective gasp from our entire team. All of the dogs were in rough shape, but none looked as terrible as her.”


Doba was in rough physical condition. For one, her mouth was so infected with tooth decay, that she couldn’t close it. In fact, Doba’s fur was so matted, that human touch actually hurt her. 


Forndran continues,

“I have never seen a dog with a coat so matted, and I imagine that it caused her a great deal of pain.”


Back in Isreal, Doba’s dire medical condition had left her practically untouchable as Forndran continues,

“She was so terrified and uncomfortable that the volunteers were unable to handle her.”


But something amazing happened between her time and Isreal and when she arrived in Canada as Forndran continues,

“It was almost as though she immediately knew that she was in a better place and that she was safe her. She allowed one of our staff members to take her for that first walk, and, although she was very shy, you could tell that she was hopeful.”

Things finally began to look up for Doba. Her coat was oh so carefully groomed to remove the matted hair and for maybe the first time in her life, she more than welcomed human contact.


Forndran says,

“It was incredible to see how quickly she transformed into an entirely different dog. She now waits in her room, tail wagging, to greet new guests.”


“When she is in a play group with our other dogs, she will always be the first dog to run to the gate to say hello when someone new approached. Doba is a true testament to the fact that a dog’s environment can have a tremendous impact on their personality.”

Today, Doba is looking for the most everlasting change of all: a forever home. Think that might be your household? If you or someone you know is interested in giving this precious pup the forever home she rightfully deserves, please fill out an adoption application here.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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