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ER doctor saved the life of a stray cat caught in revolving glass door


One can never be sure how many of his nine lives a fluffy white kitty used on Sunday when he accidentally became caught by the neck in the revolving glass doors of an Istanbul, Turkey hospital, but his fate changed quickly as an ER doctor saved the life of the life of a stray cat.

According to the Patitliyo, the curious feline wandered into the Özel Akgün Tem Hospital, and on his way out, the man leaving didn’t notice until the stray became  trapped and cried out in pain. When ER physician Halil Akyürek heard the commotion, he rushed over and was able to free the cat who was already having trouble breathing; Dr. Akyurek immediately began to give him CPR as he massaged the cat’s heart – slowly bringing the cat dubbed Miracle back to life.

Miracle was then administered oxygen while Dr. Akyurek checked with a veterinarian for  the proper dosage of needed medications. (not many of the kind doctor’s patients only weigh eight pounds and meow). The adorable feline quickly recovered.

Of course the story could have ended there, and the compassionate Dr. Akyurek could have made sure Miracle was transferred to an animal shelter, but there’s more to report – and it’s all good! Checking Dr. Akyurek’s Facebook page, he and Miracle have become a family. And this writer is happy to report Miracle is very partial to sleeping on the good doctor’s bed.

Way to go Doc! We love you for your big heart and your kindness.

(Photos of ER doctor via Petiliyo and Facebook of Dr. Akyurek)

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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