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Former police chief charged with starving his German shepherds


In Miami Gardens, the former police chief of Opa-locka has been charged with two felony accounts of animal cruelty. According to the Miami Herald, Ronald Wilson, 65, who had been fired from his position 14 years ago, pleaded not guilty of starving and neglecting his two German shepherds named Lady and Thug late last week.

The two dogs were found in the yard of Wilson’s home. Both were severely emaciated with their skin cracked, bleeding, eyes infected and oozing, and most of their teeth missing. The dogs were seized by Animal Control while Wilson had been out of town on a cruise. When a county investigator interviewed Wilson upon his return and asked him when the dogs were last examined by a veterinarian, Wilson could not remember.

“Mr. Wilson had no explanation why the two dogs were in horrible physical condition,” wrote Animal Services Officer Lisa Yambrich.

An examination of the dogs by a county veterinarian determined the dogs “have been deprived of necessary nutrition, hydration, medical evaluation and treatment.” Neither Lady nor Thug had any “discernible body fat” and were missing their incisors. The rest of their teeth had been fractured with the roots painfully exposed.

The dogs have been slowly recovering at Dizzy’s Second Chance Animal Rescue. Lady has since gained weight, has had multiple surgeries, but requires more dental surgery estimated to be nearly $4,000. Thug was found to have had two bullets lodged in his body as well as several broken bones. A short video of Thug lying at the veterinarian’s office crying is heartbreaking. Click here to view the short video.

Wilson’s defense lawyer, Sky Smith contends his client is a “really nice honorable” guy who feels “tremendous guilty over what he’s charged.” Perhaps he should ask the dogs how they feel?

(Photos police chief charged via screenshot Miami Herald)

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]



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