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Former President George W. Bush Spent Election Day Adopting a New Puppy


Say what you will about the 43rd President of The United States George W. Bush, but he did something that will make any heart sing. Last week on election day, the former President and his wife, former first lady Laura Bush became the proud parents of an adorable rescue puppy.
While the nation was voting for a new commander and chief, President Bush and his wife spent the say at their local SPCA of Texas, where he got the chance to snuggle with many pups and of course tour the facility. The scheduled visit was to thank the SPCA for all their hard work in caring for, and finding animals homes.
The first couple was not initially interested in adopting any pets at the time and rather was just there to visit. However, they became smitten with one pup in particular, that they fell head over heals for and decided to take home that day. His name you might ask? Freddy Bush.

President Bush took his Facebook page thrilled about the new family addition writing,

“We already love him, and even our cats Bob and Bernadette are finding Freddy’s charm futile to resist.”


President Bush continued,

“If you could use a little extra joy in your life, consider adopting a pet from an animal shelter or rescue group.”

We are wishing young Freddy Bush, and George, and Laura all the best in their new lives together.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]



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