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German shepherd found dead after being stolen from farm


A German shepherd was found dead after someone took her from a breeder’s farm in Saco, Maine. The dog, named “Uhdelle,” was stolen from Timber Ridge Farm on Monday morning. Uhdelle’s owner, Doreen Metcalf, told the Press Herald that she has “no idea” why someone would have taken the five-year-old dog and driven away.

What is known of Uhdelle’s last day was recounted on the Facebook page for Timber Ridge Farm:

We can’t articulate how devastated we are at Timber Ridge (Saco, Maine). We thank everyone for their help and understanding as we piece together Uhdelle’s tragic last day. She was taken from home between 9 and 9:15 Monday am. The person, discovering the GPS collar, removed it, tried to destroy it, and, we suspect, threw it in the Saco river as that is what the map indicates.

Whoever had the German shepherd proceeded to travel to Gray and then Uhdelle was dumped on Egypt Road. According to the animal control officer in Gray, the terrified dog ran for four hours before being struck and killed by a car.

Uhdelle’s owner is desperate to find the person responsible for the untimely death of a dog who she described as “one of our sweetest and friendliest girls, who only wanted us to throw her ball and give her hugs.”

Metcalf stated, “ We are begging anyone who might have seen a black German shepherd traveling in a vehicle from Buxton (Saco) to Gray or who lives in the Egypt Road (or surrounding) area to call the Buxton police (207-929-5151).”

(Photos via Timber Ridge Farm Facebook page)

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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