Grateful Pup Refuses TO Let Go of Man Who Saved Him

No one, including his friends, family and those who know him, could ever say that Alex Perez doesn’t have a big heart. One day when he was driving home with his mother in the car, he spotted an injured pit bull and implored his mother to pull over so he could tend to the poor pups injuries.

Valinda Cortez, Alex’s mother says,

“I was pulling off the side of the road when I hear Alex’s car door open. Before I could stop him, he was out in the middle of the road with this dog. He picked up this bloody baby and brought him to the car,” she says. “We got him all healed up and now he lives a wonderful spoiled life.”


Valinda Cortez

Alex, 16, was about to be tested with a new rescue, that would make him realize just how needy abandoned pups are. Alex and his mother volunteer with a local rescue, who happened upon a case of the worst animal abuse cases they have ever encountered. The rescue was called to a hoarding situation, in which several dogs in Canton, North Carolina were affected.

Rescue groups Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation, Duke’s Animal Haven, and Haywood County Animal, worked together to free the dogs trapped in the abandoned home, employing people like Alex and his mother Valinda to help them do so. The poor dogs, most of whom were Chihuahua’s and Daschunds, totaled more than 140 altogether. The dogs, who had been locked in cages all of their lives, didn’t know what to make of their newfound freedom, once rescuers arrived to save them. Their days of living in every kind of misery one could ever imagine was finally over.


Valinda Cortez

Valinda explains,

“Most of them had only had little or no human contact. They were so scared. They would tremble and cower if we tried to pet them.”


Valinda Cortez

The dogs, who were brought to a small warehouse where they were sorted and given food water and medical treatment, were about to begin their journey of recovery. One dog in particular, who was so scared and frightened, leaned on Alex for help through his emotional struggles. His name is Trouble, and he and Alex hit it off right away.


Valinda Cortez

As Trouble clambered into Alex’s arms, he refused to let go, so grateful that someone finally freed him from the hell he was living in. Even though there were other dogs Alex should have been attending to, he couldn’t help but comfort Trouble in his time of emotional need.

Valinda says,

“He held him, played with him and, probably for the first time in this dog’s life, he felt loved. He fell asleep while Alex was holding him.”


Valinda Cortez

Valinda’s eyes couldn’t help but well up with tears as she watched her son give this love-starved pup the attention he never received in his life. Valinda continues,

“My wonderful 16-year-old son has a giant soft spot in his heart for the animals that are ‘less desirable.’”


Valinda Cortez

Alex would eventually  have to let go of Trouble, as he had to tend to other animals in the warehouse, who were in desperate need of medical attention.


Valinda Cortez

Valinda notes,

“He didn’t want to leave Trouble. But we are at capacity with all our animals from pit bulls to chihuahuas.”


Valinda Cortez

Alex, along with the army of volunteers who rescued the dogs from that house of horrors, brought a special kind of love and kindness to dogs who would have otherwise been forgotten. Their actions collectively show that when we drop everything to help an animal in need, lives are saved. For Alex and Trouble, maybe one day a reunion might be possible as Valinda concludes,

“He has asked me several times this evening about Trouble. After he gets home from school tomorrow, we’re going back to the temporary warehouse where the remainder of the dogs are. I hope Trouble got adopted, but if not, I’m sure we will be bringing him home, if only as a foster.”

There are over 100 dogs like Alex from the Canton rescue that need your help finding forever homes. If you or someone you know might be interested in fostering, adopting, or even lending a hand, please contact the Hayward County Animal Services.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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