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Half of dog’s face eaten by maggots tried to paw away his pain


When a stray was found lying in the corner of an alleyway in severe pain in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, local villagers called Animal Aid Unlimited for help. The street dog was difficult to even look at – half of the dog’s face eaten away by maggots. There was nothing he could do to alleviate his pain, and he barely moved except to use his paw to try and wipe away the intense agony of the invading maggots.

When rescuers arrived, the two men from Animal Aid were heartbroken. On the organization’s Facebook page, they described the dog they dubbed Teddy Bear:

“We found him sitting in a posture of such abject resignation it broke our hearts. His only movement was the frantic reflex of his paw desperately trying to scratch away the pain.”

After the shocking sight of Teddy Bear’s face eaten away and each time he closed his mouth, his gums and teeth were visible, the dog was carefully wrapped in a blanket and carried to Animal Aid Unlimited for treatment. It was unknown if Teddy Bear could even survive the egregious wound and raging infection on his face, but he was immediately sedated and slowly, veterinarians and staff plucked away the hundreds of maggots. His recovery would be very slow. Despite three months of treatment, the hole on Teddy Bear’s face had not closed.

Watch what happened, and check out Teddy Bear today. Angels don’t need wings; they walk among us. To help this organization continue their work, donations can be made by clicking here.

(Photos and video  of dog’s face eaten via freezeshots of video by Animal Aid Unlimited)

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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