Heartbroken Shelter Staff Tend To Emaciated Pup Tossed Out of Moving Car

In Paterson, New Jersey, a heartless individual tossed a poor dog out of a the window of a moving car before speeding off. Shocked motorists could not believe what they were seeing, and rushed to tend to the injured pup, before calling police. The dog was eventually brought to the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, where he is being treated for a multitude of injuries.

The rescue agency took to their Facebook page to write a heartbreaking recap of events saying,

“It was hard to tell what was beneath the mats, urine soaked fur and filth.  Wrapped like a mummy in mats, this tiny creature struggled to get up, but was unable to walk.”

The dog who is named Grant and was eventually taken to the Oradell Animal Hospital, where he is presently receiving around the clock treatment.

A GoFundMe account set up for Grant also goes into describing his condition and just what happened to the poor pup saying:

“All you could see was his nose and tongue through the mats, and as he heard a kind voice, an amazing thing happened.  This sweet little creature moved towards us and gave kisses.  He was stumbling over from the weight of his mats and weakness of his body, yet he yearned to love and be loved.”

According to CBS New York. police are actively pursuing the person responsible for this heinous crime. If found, the perpetrator could face felony animal cruelty and abandonment charges, including fines up to $20,000 dollars according to New York State statute.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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