Heartless driver runs over a dog because he couldn’t get past pup

Horrifying moment driver deliberately runs over dog with car

In a shocking and disturbing video, a heartless driver runs over a dog because he couldn’t get past the dog and decided to run over the defenseless pooch instead. The video shows the lost dog, who had been wandering a small side street of Mexico City, when a car stops.

Moments later, the driver becomes frustrated when the dog just stands in the middle of the street and doesn’t move. Instead of getting out of his vehicle to shoo the dog off the road for everyone’s safety, the cruel driver accelerates and intentionally runs the dog over dragging her under his vehicle. The horrible incident was captured via a CCTV camera in the city of Ciudad Nezahualcoyoti, a suburb of Mexico City, reports  Mail Online.

The dog was reportedly rushed to a vet where she later died. The video caused outrage as it went viral and quickly garnered more than 100,000 views; a hunt goes on to identify the driver. Rest in peace sweet dog.

(Photos of driver runs over a dog freeze shots via YouTube video.)

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Graphic video and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences:

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